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What We Do:

Intentional Focus LLC Consultants are next level coaches here to help you move strategically from ideas to income. Too many ideas? Too little time? Need help decluttering your thoughts in order to shift from cloudy to clear? Not sure where to start? 

You're at the right place!

Why Us? 
What Makes Us So Unique?

We get it! We get YOU! We fully understand what its like to struggle with so many ideas and opportunities competing for your time. We had to learn the hard way that you can’t boil the ocean. You have to take things one step at a time to really get anything done. Juggling several “ideas” “business ventures” or “projects helping everyone else” can leave you burned out, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Soon you’ll come to realize that you could’ve been more successful (i.e. made more money) if you would have just focused on ONE THING AT A TIME!

Its time to swallow your pride and seek help. Just remember that asking for help: 


  • Does not mean you’re incapable of doing things on your own

  • Helps you to move further faster

  • Allows you to focus on the parts that you enjoy most while delegating the boring stuff to others

What’s the point?  Simply this:


We know you’re knowledgeable and multi-talented, but usually there is another whole set of skills that are needed to move forward efficiently and effectively. We've partnered with tech firms and business incubators for the past few years. Sitting through countless seminars and trainings, we’ve gained knowledge of resources that entrepreneurs can use to solidify their offering, get noticed, and attract more clients. We have a deep understanding of what entrepreneurs and organizations need to reach their next levels. We've also developed a solid framework to move you through each stage from chaotic thoughts (chaotic brain clutter) to clarity with our expertise as strategists. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished once you gain clarity with a detailed plan of action. Once you get from cloudy to clear, it becomes a matter of checking off one task at a time.

There are many consultants out there, but there are very, very few who combine organizational know-how, marketing skills, AND more than two decades of experience living the life of multi-talented entrepreneurs with a multitude of competing interests. So many lessons learned. Why zig and zag when the straight path to success is available? 


So, if you are:

  • A BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR (“WANNAPRENEUR”) who’s struggling to launch your business idea

  • A VILLAGE MEMBER whose been wrestling with a community project/event that needs to launch

  • A PERSON seeking guidance with college/career mapping

  • A NEW ORGANIZATIONAL LEADER in need of grant writing or additional (free) staffing

  • A SEASONED BUSINESS OWNER whose team needs professional development, training, or retreats to challenge unmotivated team members


…. WE can help! We know the challenges you’re facing, because we’ve been there.  We’ve done that.  And now we’ve made it our mission to help you get past those struggles and start making the kind of difference you know you can make.


Let’s do this! The sooner you accomplish your goals, the better our community will be.

To get started, click the button below to schedule a consultation!


  • Consultation Meetings

  • Strategic Planning

  • Concept Development/Framework

  • Forms Designed to collect feedback

  • Feedback Report summarizing responses 

  • Meeting Facilitations

  • Results Documented from meeting

  • Research

  • Connect to Professionals Services

  • LLC Creation

  • Banking Options

Our Next Level Coaching

Our coaching services includes range of packages designed to help you gain clarity, formulate a strategy, leverage resources, and leverage resources to take your business to the next level:

  • Ideation

  • Strategic Action Plan

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Creatively Leveraged Resources

  • Execution

  • Support Services (Staffing, Presentation, Admin)

Why Intentional Focus

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