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Starting out as parents, we both worked as administrators in educational systems, where only a portion of students were thoroughly equipped with solidified plans for life after high school. Our children, enrolled in private schools, where they were thoroughly equipped with college planning and supportive resources to ensure they would succeed. As parents of private school students, we received extensive training on how to prepare our children to access and thrive in Ivy League environments. The disparities between college preparation in these two environments were downright criminal! We knew that these insights could be game changers for so many other brilliant students and families in our community. We joined forces to launch Black and College Bound Scholars, then began educating and empowering students, school staff, and parents on how to successfully equip students and stakeholders for their next levels along college and career pathways.


For more than 10 years we have worked with a host of organizations, presenting workshops for school districts, youth organizations, university, and corporate pipeline programs seeking talented candidates of color. Diversity, access and inclusion are critical for organizational culture and human relations. We have presented at conferences, hosted trainings, and constantly partnered with entities who believe in this work and are genuinely seeking to help their constituents be the best they can be in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.


Our programs to coach PreK-PhD students (Black & College Bound Scholars, Intentional Futures Multicultural Trainings) have been expanded to provide NEXT LEVEL COACHING for adults and entrepreneurs. 


We host seminars, staff retreats, full-day workshops, and keynotes at educational conferences both nationally and internationally.  Some of our clients include YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, University of Missouri, Full Employment Council, Urban Leagues, school districts, Greek letter organizations, entrepreneurs, and a host of youth serving, faith based, and higher ed organizations.


Our team expertise includes more than 25 years of urban economic development working with federal grants, business incubators, M/W/DBE program development, diversity & inclusion, social emotional learning, whole child development, children and family therapy and community services.


Our experiences as consultants and coaches could fill a book, but the Cliff Notes version is that we have learned a great deal about the most effective ways to prioritize ideas, formulate strategic plans of action, leverage resources, then launch!


Entrepreneurship is filled with lots of marketing, selling, and all the day-to-day “office stuff” (contracting, invoicing, collecting payments, taxes, etc.) that all business owners have to deal with.  Handling all of that leaves even less time for you to do the fun stuff that you actually enjoy. It can get overwhelming quickly. 


We realize that stepping out on faith to reach a higher level is scary stuff! Successful execution requires a strategic plan, support group, resources and persistence. 


Let us help you reach your intended goals.

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